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Wood and metal bookcase from WAME to command attention in your room.

Heze is a simple addition to your home, which makes your home more elegant.

Heze is a product for storing your books next to your bed to make it easier for you to read them before sleeping and to make you feel yourself in the world of beautiful fantasy novels.


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IZAR wood and metal bookcase from WAME

Izar is a binary star and resembles the letter I in its composition. It is a product that combines a sense of simplicity and lofty in its composition, and the harmony between Metal and Wood adds an aesthetic touch to your home.

You can add elegance to your space by displaying not only your books but also decoration objects on the large shelves.


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Juliet is a star name, and the name of the heroine of the known play “Romeo, Juliet” ,and because of


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Luna is the moon of the planet Earth, and this means that having a Luna product means you have a


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MAIA bookcase and tv table from WAME to complete your tv corner.

Noteworthy you can buy each piece separately.

5 wooden shelves bookcase and metal frame.

wood and metal tv table with two shelves and two locker


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Merga is a simple, elegant product from wood and metal, it’s a design you can choose it from (2) dimensions


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we have a lot of models


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NORMA wood and metal bookcase from WAME.

NORMA is a small constellation in the southern celestial hemisphere Square in shape and accordingly NORMA's design was created, As it is a design consisting of several structures, most of which are square in shape Turning an entire wall into a library that takes you to another world.

The price is for one unit, size 70 x 210 cm  


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we have a lot of models


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Wood And Metal Bookshelf, 5 Tier Bookshelf, Open Freestanding 5 Shelf Bookcase 5 Tier Storage Shelf for Display and Collection, Industrial Decorative Shelf for Living Room, Home, Office, 130x195 cm


26,842.73 EGP
we have a lot of models